An Introduction

So here it is – yet another blog. I resisted from making my own site for as long as I possibly could. Who needs yet another blog? And to be brutally honest I didn’t even start reading blogs until about two years ago; the academic in me saw them as inappropriate, as a medium for uneducated ranting. More than that I just didn’t understand technology. Texting still throws me for a loop and I have absolutely no idea what Instagram is.

While blogs are a fantastic place to rant (and there are a lot that are basically just that), there are many fantastic sites out that are so much more than random raving about life and society. When written by the right person, with the necessary passion, blogs can be a powerful medium.

Blogs can provide so many of us with a voice when otherwise we wouldn’t necessarily have one. They connect us in our difference and indifference; unite us on a common front. They provide a platform to speak against injustice and discuss challenging topics. Unlike other arenas, blogs can be a safe place for us to start conversing about otherwise taboo topics.

My wonderful partner (whose blog, which is far more eloquently written and intellectually focused, can be found here) introduced me to Fem2pt0. A life changing experience. The women who write for Fem2 are strong, talented, and dedicated individuals who wholeheartedly advocate for the rights of those marginalized by the rest of society. They don’t write for fame but for the sure desire to add a feminist voice to an androcentric world. And so I read and became inspired. I started talking about what they wrote about, becoming angry about the injustices they provided a voice against. My partner convinced me it was time to ask them if they were looking for a new blogger (whether because he felt I was up to the task or was hoping I’d stop ranting at him is yet to be debated). Thankfully, they gave me a chance.

I’ve been writing with Fem2 for nearly a year now and it has been, by far, one of the greatest experiences of my life. It’s opened a window to a new world; one that is often sad, frustrating, and terrifying, but also so full of hope. It has provided me with an opportunity to talk about topics near and dear to my heart: mental health, feminism, reproductive rights, adoption, and gender equality. It has given me a voice and connected with me so many (mostly) supportive others. It has made me a better feminist, advocate, academic, and person.

So I’ve decided that, in addition to writing for Fem2, I’ll give my own site a shot. While I call my blog a rant, and I can guarantee that it will be just that from time to time, I hope it to be another forum for constructive conversation. Like Fem2, I’ll be my feminist self; it’s impossible to separate my feminist worldview from my sense of self. But as I’m also a mental health researcher, practitioner, client, and advocate (as a newly appointed Community Correspondent for Partners for Mental Health) I’ll often write posts concerning issues from the mental health world. I’ll also write about adoption and my experiences as an adoptee, reproductive justice in Canada (specifically within the Maritime Provinces), and other important topics.


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